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TVS is watching the news on day-night visions devices made in Russia, Belorussia and Ukraine and forein.
By availability of (elc-)optical devices,
consultation or sending by airmail.

Example video:

Available thermal devices and optical equipment in Moscow, intended for patrolling.

Всегда в наличии тепловизионное и оптическое оборудование в Москве, предназначеное для патрулирования и наблюдения.

TVS offers delivery of infrared thermal imaging equipment and sale of equipment and accessories in the shortest possible time. All equipment is fully compliant with the manufacturer. Later we could send catalog to you, and discuss the conditions for contracts.

Delivery of the equipment is carried out under the contract after the payment, full payment or post-payment in rubles on account of the Supplier in Moscow. Export IR image converters.